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Landscape Installation:

Fischer Landscape, LLC are the people to trust when it comes to the installation of a new commercial landscape or landscaping features. Standing out against our competitors, Fischer Landscape, LLC is dedicated to excellence in all we do. Our clients receive superior service not just for a few months, but also consistently throughout their time with us. Dedicated to not just doing a "good" job, our teams offer our clients proactive solutions to meet their landscaping needs no matter the season. In addition, we believe strongly in consistent communication, so that our clients know what we are doing AND when we are doing it. After all, this is an investment in your property and we take that seriously.

Our Commercial Landscape Installation and Maintenance Services

High-Quality landscaping installation is an investment that can offer valuable curb appeal to new real estate developments, provide a natural balance to business properties and enhance commercial entrances to provide a welcoming environment. Among the installations we offer are annual/perennial plant installation, turf installation and tree and shrub installation.

Annual Installation

An annual plant is a plant that usually germinates, flowers and dies in one year, whereas a perennial is one that lives for more than two years, flowering on a yearly basis. A combination of annuals and perennials will ensure a bounty of seasonal color. Let Fischer Landscape, LLC come up with a custom commercial landscape design using your favorite plants and color combinations to enhance your business or real estate property needs. In addition to installation, we offer flowerbed maintenance as part of our landscape maintenance program.

Turf Installation

If your HOA entrance or commercial property needs new sod or other turf solutions, Fischer Landscape, LLC can help you choose the right choice that will most greatly benefit your landscape environment's appearance. Many turf grass varieties grow much better when started as plugs or sod than from seed, and we install all turf grasses, including the latest shade tolerant Bermuda and Zoysia turf grasses. Let Fischer Landscape, LLC show you the best turf replacement or new installation solutions for your property.

Tree and Shrub Installation

If your company landscape or green areas require trees and shrubs, Fischer Landscape, LLC's design team can provide solutions that are economical, environmentally friendly, and offer beautiful results. We can locate nearly any type of tree or shrub you want to install, and our prices are often better than most retail outlets. Fischer Landscape, LLC can also remove any existing trees or shrubs that don't fit with your new landscape environment.

Fischer Landscape, LLC

Landscape Maintenance

Every custom landscaping solution requires weekly maintenance, and Fischer Landscape, LLC are the professionals you can trust to see that your commercial greenspace is maintained correctly. Dedicated to excellence in service, our teams are driven to provide consistent service throughout the duration of your time with us. Delivering unequalled landscape maintenance, our teams at Fischer Landscape, LLC consistently communicate with you to assure we answer any questions you may have about your service. In addition, our teams are proactive in spotting potential problems and offering economical solution ideas to keep your landscaping investment looking great.

At Fischer Landscape, LLC we offer a full range of commercial landscape maintenance services such as weeding, mowing and pruning to ensure your landscape has a professionally manicured and healthy appearance year-round.

Our experienced, professional landscaping team understands how a well-maintained landscape attracts people to your business, adds to your company's property value and contributes to your HOA's community. When you partner with Fischer Landscape, LLC, you will have a team of local professionals dedicated to the careful stewardship of your commercial landscape and its enduring beauty and value, all while keeping your costs low.

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Landscape Irrigation

Whether you have an existing landscape irrigation system in need of repairs and upgrades, or your company wants to have a new irrigation system installed, Fischer Landscape, LLC has all the solutions for your commercial property's irrigation needs. As experts in landscape irrigation, our team of professionals can provide you with practical solutions to meet both your irrigation needs and your budget. But, our dedication to excellent services does not stop there. When we provide you with a landscape irrigation system, our team of experts is there to communicate with you all the way through the process from start, finish and after. No disappearing act like other irrigation companies, we are here to provide you consistent, dependable service for years to come. We know landscaping irrigation is a big investment that requires detailed attention to doing right.

The Atlanta area counties have some of the highest water use costs in the country. Fischer Landscape, LLC specializes in upgrading inefficient existing systems to reduce runoff waste and eliminate over-watering, all while reducing the overall cost of the system. If your commercial property has a landscape irrigation system, contact us for a free analysis. Fischer Landscape, LLC can help to assure your irrigation system is operating efficiently saving you both on water costs and commercial vegetation upkeep.

Concrete Installation Services

We install driveways, patios and sidewalks

About Fischer Landscape, LLC

At Fischer Landscape, LLC, we take pride in providing high-quality custom, commercial landscape design and superior installation services throughout the northeast metro Atlanta area. Our teams are expertly trained professionals who believe in delivering superior service with consistency from beginning to end, not just for a few months. Offering proactive solutions, our technicians are trained to spot problems ahead of time. Communication is big with us, so our teams will be there not just to answer your questions but also to give you information on what we are doing and why we are doing it; there are no surprises with us. Each of our clients wants and deserves a top of the line and enjoyable greenspace environment, and that is exactly what we provide.

Some of Our Commercial Landscaping Expertise Areas are:

Community Entrances for HOAs
Greenspace Areas for Businesses
Landscape Maintenance for Property Management Companies
Contemplative Garden Areas for Medical Centers
Turf Maintenance for Country Clubs
Seasonal Color Displays For Focal Areas
Landscape Irrigation for Real Estate Properties
Tree and Shrub Installation for Business-Retail Developments

Fischer Landscape, LLC
In business for more than 15 years, Fischer Landscaping, LLC is fully licensed, bonded and insured. As a proud member of the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce, our primary goal is complete customer satisfaction. We achieve this with the highest quality customized commercial landscaping design installed by expertly trained and professional employees.

Give Fischer Landscape, LLC a call today and let us customize a commercial landscaping plan perfect for your business's outdoor environment.

Lee Fischer, Owner and President of Fischer Landscape, LLC

Lee Fischer, Owner and President of Fischer Landscape, LLC

Lee Fischer, owner and President of Fischer Landscape, LLC is a home grown-native, born in Snellville, Georgia. Developing a talent for landscaping early, Lee first started getting his hands in the dirt at 14 years old while working at a hardware store. Learning how to repair lawn equipment, Lee Fischer developed a variety of skills that helped him to excel at landscaping and lawn maintenance. It did not take long for Lee to figure out that soil was in his blood and this is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life.

At 16 with driver's license in hand, Lee Fischer decided to branch out to self-entrepreneurship by doing landscaping jobs for people in the local area. Upon graduation from South Gwinnett High School, Fischer Landscape, LLC was created and has been going strong ever since. As one of North Georgia's most sought after landscaping companies, Fischer Landscape, LLC offers premier commercial landscaping services that meet budget with quality.

Over the years, Lee Fischer has continued to grow Fischer Landscape, LLC with an attention to detail and a dedication to excellence. The Fischer Landscape, LLC team is made up of expertly trained and experienced professionals who know the business inside and out. Using the highest-quality equipment combined with consistent training to stay on top of the latest industry trends, Fischer Landscape, LLC never cuts corners in its services. In 2012, after completing certification through the Rainbird Academy, Lee Fischer took the next big step for Fischer Landscape, LLC by offering premier landscaping irrigation installation services.

Through Lee's continued, diligent oversight, Fischer Landscape, LLC has grown to become an exceptional business with multiple maintenance crews, an enhancement crew, and an irrigation crew. When not working hard for the company, Lee enjoys spending his time in Buford with his high school sweetheart and wife since 2010 and their three amazing children.

Fischer Landscape, LLC

If you are in need of premier commercial landscape installation or maintenance, trust the experts at Fischer Landscape, LLC. We'll provide professional and affordable solutions for your landscape needs including: Annual Installation, Turf Installation, Shrub and Tree Installation, Commercial Landscape Maintenance, and Landscape Irrigation. If you would like more information or would like to request a quote for any of your landscaping or lawn care needs, please call us at 770-378-8526 or complete and submit the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

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