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Commercial Landscape Management

At Fischer Landscape, we understand the importance of a well-maintained landscape for attracting customers and enhancing property value. Our tailored services ensure your commercial green space remains pristine year-round. 

Your Needs, Our Priority
We provide consistent, reliable maintenance, proactively addressing potential issues with cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive services, including weeding, mowing, and pruning, ensure a professional, healthy appearance for your property.

Dedicated Communication and Support
We prioritize clear communication, keeping you informed and supported. Our experienced local team is committed to the careful stewardship of your landscape, maintaining its beauty and value while keeping costs low.

Who We Serve 

Locally Owned Businesses
Homeowners Associations
Government Properties
Community Worship Centers
Education Districts

Choose Fischer Landscape for a customer-focused maintenance experience that delivers exceptional results.


Our Commercial Maintenance Programs include:

  • Lawn Care

    • Mowing/Edging​

    • Fertilization

    • Disease Control

    • Insect Control

    • Weed Control

  • Ground Cover Area/ Shrub Areas

    • Edging​

    • Pruning 

    • Weed Control

    • Fertilization 

    • Fungicide 

    • Pesticide 

    • Control of Imported Pests

  • Tree Care

    • Pruning​

    • Staking

  • Debris Cleanup

Are you ready to discuss your property's specific challenges?

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