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About Our Residential Services

Transform your property with a landscape that’s not only beautiful but also safe and functional. Choosing the right company means finding one that really gets what you need and expect, not just another cookie-cutter design. At Fischer Landscape, we blend a creative eye with practical know-how, making sure we deliver exactly what we promise and ensure your landscape is both functional and stunning.

Landscape Installation

Fischer Landscape offers a full array of residential landscape installation services, such as sod and turf installation, seasonal color, and tree & shrub installation. Our landscape architects constantly strive to surprise and delight our customers.

Hardscape Installation

Fischer Landscape designs and installs many different types of hardscapes, including retaining walls, paver & concrete patios, driveway extensions, and fireplaces.

Irrigation and Drainage

Fischer Landscape has got your back for all of your irrigation system installation and drainage solution needs. Our team of professionals will provide dependable service for years to come.

Residential Landscape Installation

Looking to create a yard that you can be proud of? Whether you're dreaming of a top-notch backyard for entertaining or a show-stopping garden display—the key to a successful landscape lies in selecting the right landscape installation company. They should not only understand your specific needs but also bring the necessary expertise and professionalism to the job.

Remember, the quality of your landscape ultimately depends on the quality of its installation.

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Sod and Turf

We deliver and prepare your soil for installation, equip it with the organic nutrients it needs to properly root, install the sod, and compact it.

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Seasonal Color

An annual plant completes its lifecycle in 1 year, while a perennial blooms for over 2 years. Combining both ensures vibrant seasonal color. Let Fischer Landscape create a custom landscape design with your favorite plants and colors. We also offer flowerbed maintenance.


Trees and Shrubs

If your landscape or green area needs trees and shrubs, Fischer Landscape offers economical and environmentally friendly solutions with beautiful results. We source a wide variety of trees and shrubs at competitive prices and can remove unwanted plants as well.

Don't see the service you're looking for? Fischer Landscape will always work to accomodate the needs of our customers. In addition to the services above, we offer retention pond maintenance, debris and small tree removal, and more! 

Residential Hardscape Installation

You know it when you see it; a hardscape installation project done correctly will make your property stand out from the rest for decades to come. But enhancements of this scale need to be done correctly, with a keen eye for detail and the technical know-how to ensure safety and functionality. At Fischer Landscape, outdoor spaces are our speciality, and choosing us for your hardscape installation means one less thing to worry about for you.

Irrigation System Installation
& Drainage Solutions

Water is essential to the success of your landscape, and realizing that your property has a water issue can cause serious headaches. Whether your property is not getting the water it needs or is not equipped to handle the water it is receiving, you can count on Fischer Landscape to find the right solution for you. 


Irrigation Installation

Fischer Landscape offers irrigation solutions for commercial properties that meet needs and budget. We specialize in upgrading inefficient systems to reduce water waste and over-watering due to high water use costs in Atlanta.

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Drainage Solutions

We build custom drainage systems to address your unique drainage challenges. Designed and installed by drainage professionals after a thorough analysis of your property, our systems are high quality, low maintenance, and built to last a lifetime.

Are you ready to discuss your property's specific challenges?

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